When I’m asked what I do for a living, I’m tempted to cop out and refer to my previous career or give my professional title, which I still consider valid. Then, the inquisitive enquirer will want to know where I work, how I spend my day and, in a moment of awkwardness, I would have […]

It’s done, finished. The last chapter squeezed out my brain and deposited on the computer. So that’s it? People like to ask that – have I finished writing my book yet? The yet has that particularly irritating emphasis. Oh, how I wish. I can see the hours spent revising my draft. I’m already fidgeting with […]


I’m joining a multitude of Friday Fictioneers for a burst of creativity. Using a picture prompt posted every Wednesday by Rochelle Wisoff on her blog, I’ve to conjure up no more than 100 words by Friday. You know I don’t want to cut you, but you’ve been too successful. You’ve stretched out, filled the spaces, […]

photo prompt may15

This is my first go at Friday Fictioneers – a 100 word flash fiction challenge based on a photo prompt. So here goes….   Where had it come from? Grey haired Farmer Joe couldn’t explain. He spoke on local radio, broadcasting his confusion at the arrival of the edifice in his hay field. Crowds gathered […]

So I caught a cold. I do find myself thinking – we can send people into outer space, but we can’t cure the common cold. Imagine if the first cold hadn’t been caught until modern times, rather it appears magically and it’s symptoms unknown, and you’re the first, the one who has to contact your […]

After the flurry of blogging activity during April, May is quiet, which suits me as I’ve lots of writing and editing to do.  I’ve added a page listing all my A-Z posts on inspiration. As for this blog, I’ve taken a leaf out of my own theme for A-Z Challenge and having a guest. My […]

to do

Finished. No, not with this blog, but the A-Z.  Would I do it again. Yes. It’s been great fun and …. It kept me blogging, even when I didn’t feel in the mood. I’ve met other bloggers and writers. I know I’m not alone. Challenges motivate, and having a theme helped keep me focused. It’s […]


It came in a bright yellow wrapper and smelt divine; the lettering carved on one side and my challenge had been to lather it up so much, the lettering would smooth out and disappear, untraceable by my fingertips. The Zest soap bar would begin life in my childhood bathtub hard and finish up creamy and […]


I love yoghurt, especially the creamy and smooth kind. I can’t be doing with the plain, natural yoghurts. There has to be something in it: fruit, specifically and not stuck at the bottom, that’s lazy; why isn’t it mixed up? On the side in a fiddly tray? Nope, but I do love stirring, watching the […]


X….. panic… panic.  Why didn’t I do XYZ first, get them over with and not be left staring at the useless letter.   Or is it? Where does X originate from? One moment, please….. Okay, I’m back. It’s Greek, except they borrowed it from the Phoenicians, the forgotten civilisation, and it’s derived from the letter Samekh. […]


I was going to entitled this post Writer’s Block, but decided it was too negative.  It happens. Today, I added to my work in progress and the words flowed, but this blog post dried up several times in my head, unwritten and the clock ticking.  Somebody told me to begin every day writing a few […]

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