When I’m asked what I do for a living, I’m tempted to cop out and refer to my previous career or give my professional title, which I still consider valid. Then, the inquisitive enquirer will want to know where I work, how I spend my day and, in a moment of awkwardness, I would have […]

Photo: Marie Gail Stratford

Been absent for far too long, so to break back into things, I’m jumping into Friday Fictioneers.  This week’s photo prompt and my 100 word tale. “Well, what do you think?” He eyed it, stood over it, but didn’t touch it. “It’s stripy.” “Yeah, I thought it would spice up your office.” A colourless shell […]


Been very absent from this blog for a while. School holidays, family visits… no time to write or edit, just coasting. I’m posting up some photos of my two favourite abbeys, both ruins, of course, because Henry VIII had them destroyed in the 1540s. Such a pity not to have the foresight to imagine a […]

Photo: G.L. MacMillan

I’ve always wanted to find one, but never have… “Where did you get those, Grandpa?” He started to count them. “Washed up on the beach.” Grandpa sighed deeply, his craggy face sagging with memories. “Why keep them?” He’d reached thirty-two. “These were the ones with messages.” Paul’s widening eyes reflected in the curvature of the […]


A recent holiday in Yorkshire gave me the chance to explore some new castles. I’m finding myself doing the trip I have laid out in my stalled work in progress in reverse. My character travels south, while I went north. Armed with a camera, I snapped away, trying to pretend I was somebody else, not […]


Welcome to a little (98 words) of flash fiction hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields on Friday Fictioneers. “There?” The tiny window was perched on the roofline. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and shrugged. “It’s in a good part of the city.” “It’s titchy. Just one window?” Another apologetic shuffle of his feet. “I gave […]

brain halves

I finished the first draft of my book (hooray!). I immediately, and foolishly, started to edit it (boo!). It doesn’t work – switching from writing to editing. I guess it’s the brain thing. The right side is supposed to be the creative part, the left the home of the analytical, logical and verbal reasoning. I’m […]


Quakers often speak of holding somebody in the light – meaning to give them hope,  peace and respite from their anxieties and suffering. So I took this as my cue for Friday’s Fictioneers’ Flash Fiction.  Once a week a picture is posted by Rochelle on her blog and the challenge of no more than hundred […]

Photo: Jean L Hays

I hate driving past those car dumps, where metal is mangled and piled high. An eyesore. This is my 100 word flash fiction story, hosted by Rochelle and runs until this Friday. What to do with them? They hung about on street corners, lurked in car parks and by playgrounds. They’d consigned themselves to the […]

Photo: Kent Bonham

A street scene for today’s photo prompt. Something caught my eye and that’s all I could see, then the words came.  This is Friday’s Fictioneers 100-word story, brought courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The street was deserted. Carried on the breeze, rubbish bounced along the pavement. Streetlights shone brightly, but not a soul remained. The signs […]


  Today’s flash fiction prompt, brought to life by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, is more about perspective, than content. We only look up when we have to, most of the time.   First shimmering whiteness, then darkness, like a black raven harrying above her head. Overlaying, intricate swirls. They blur, refusing to unfold and show their true […]

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