Tiny window

Welcome to a little (98 words) of flash fiction hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields on Friday Fictioneers.


Photo: Sandra Crook


The tiny window was perched on the roofline. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and shrugged. “It’s in a good part of the city.”

“It’s titchy. Just one window?”

Another apologetic shuffle of his feet.

“I gave up my apartment, my job and everything to live in an attic?”

What an idiot she’d been letting him sweet talk her into moving to Paris. An urban adventure of a lifetime – always his dream, not hers.

She glared at the building one last time before turning on her heel. “Dad said dating a roofer would get me nowhere.”



  1. micklively · · Reply

    Fathers always know best when they agree with you.
    Good piece.


    1. Absolutely, I bet she only agrees with him when she wants to.

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  2. How right he was! A great story.


    1. She probably should have asked for more details. She’s not going far now.


  3. Ahh, I think she should give the boy a chance, it might be lovely inside 😉


    1. I would love to live under a roof like that! Who knows, it might be enormous inside.

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  4. Could be a delight, that room. Like a magic tent, where the space is bigger than it seems. 😀

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason


    1. Oh yes, it could – attic spaces are often huge even if the windows are small 🙂


  5. How could you be angry with someone who can create a pattern like that? Good one.


    1. It’s great roof, it caught my eye and stayed.


  6. I think she should give him a chance, who knows what secrets that attic hide, maybe some lost treasure?


    1. With a roof like that, it’s not going to be a normal attic.

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  7. Dear Rae,

    Cute story. Perhaps she’ll learn to love her surroundings over time.




    1. She’s probably not one for living abroad and trying out new things.


  8. gahlearner · · Reply

    Poor girl, but maybe she learns to like the ambiente, but I think she’ll be better off finding someone who’s sharing his dreams with her. I’m a bit insecure about the term roofer. Either the constructors, or the people who hang out on the roofs of high buildings–which one is he?


    1. roofer is a term for somebody who makes or repairs roofs. I think he’d like to work there, but she is probably out of her comfort zone way too much.

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  9. Great story, loved the ending.


    1. Thank you. I try to have an ending.


  10. But what a roof! Cute piece.


    1. It’s a great roof – I’d love to live under it.


  11. France might do her some good. Lovely story.


    1. It might, she does need to broaden her horizons


  12. She’s judging the book by its cover! But I can understand her frustration of putting aside herself for him.


    1. There does seem to be a mismatch, sometimes we don’t see these things until too late.

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      1. Unfortunately!


  13. She should at least check it out from the inside. LOL Loved it!


    1. I’d wait, not turn around quite yet.


  14. Awww … she overlooked the beauty around her. Nicely wovern story …. 😊


    1. Thank you. She didn’t look hard enough.

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  15. Yes, perhaps she should have listened to Dad. Still, it could turn out to be a gem, and well situated in the city. Lovely story.


    1. Dad’s do know there daughters but she might have missed something exciting in her life too.

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      1. Yes, she did give up a lot to move to Paris with him – her own apartment and independence for a start. I suppose only she can decide what to do next once she’s weighed up future possibilities.


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