Stokesay Castle: the beautiful manor

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SMany castles are actually fortified manors.  Manor houses were built during the times when Feudal laws existed in England, and throughout Europe, and they were administrative centres as well as homes.

Stokesay Castle is a gorgeous example of the mix of manor house and defensive castle.  Built in the late 13th century by a wool merchant, who sadly drowned with a shipment of wool, it remained a family home until the 16th century. The defences were added not to protected it from the Welsh, but thieves. Attacked during the English Civil war, it’s largely ornamental gatehouse wasn’t much use. The Royalists were besieged, refused to surrender, then when asked for a second time, they did, which meant they saved face.  Stokesay thankfully survived the slighting rituals and continued to be rented out to various tenants.

Stokesay is an example of a lightly fortified manor.  Some features really didn’t help it – the gatehouse at the wrong end of the house and the large windows in the great hall went down to the ground, which made it vulnerable.  Fortunately, it has survived intact and much of that is down to its owners. Gratitude should be given to the Victorian restorers who saved it from decay.  John Allcroft, a glove manufacturer, left the castle unoccupied and built a new mansion nearby.  Recognising it as a historical monument, by not living in it, it was left relatively unaltered. This preservation continues to this day, leaving Stokesay a wonderful treasure to the country.

It’s a beautiful mish mash of manor and castle. Largely unfurnished, it sits quietly in the Shropshire countryside.

Words can’t do Stokesay justice.



  1. Stunning photos!


    1. They are great. Most come from English Heritage.


  2. The photos are fantastic! Love the manor in winter!


    1. They are wonderful and capture what I remember of the place, even after all this time.


  3. Fascinating!!! I wonder if it is haunted?


    1. It looks like it needs a ghost or two.

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  4. What a beautiful place and lovely photos.. thanks for sharing.


    1. The photos are lovely and show Stokesay at its best.


  5. Umm, just another comment, I have been going back through your alphabet, visiting from A to Z challenge and I’d just like to say what a superb theme, your posts are just lovely, fantastic photos and so informative, what a lovely round-up of castles, thank you for this history, it’s just lovely…

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    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts. Thank you for your kind comment.


  6. Truly spectacular photos!


    1. They’re spot on for Stokesay, exactly as I remember.


  7. How wonderful that it is preserved!

    Visiting from A to Z,
    Yvonne V


    1. It’s quite magical.


  8. Oh my goodness, this is absoutely gorgeous! I love that last pic of the interior.

    The Old Shelter – Jazz Age Jazz


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