A to Z Blogging Challenge – Theme Reveal!

Where would we be in this world if it wasn’t for bridges? They connect people and places, and at a time like now, we need those connections to be strong and resilient. Bridges survive for centuries, a testimony to early engineers who built them, and they bring together people across divides.

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

My theme will explore the history of British bridges from the ancient Roman times to the modern ones. Most of my bridges will over water, but they are also those that carry trains and boats, as well as vehicles and pedestrians. As for the architects and engineers, they’ll be some famous names, and lesser known ones. Are bridges beautiful? I suppose it depends on where you stand, figuratively and literally. You can’t deny the beauty of the symmetry in many designs, the use of stone and iron, or the wings of cables in the suspensions.

Hope you’ll stop by to follow me.



  1. Another great theme from you. I shall look forward to your posts.

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  2. I do love a bit of history and to hear some from my distant homeland will be great.


  3. This sounds fascinating! I look forward to reading.

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  4. Wendy Janes · · Reply

    Another excellent choice. Really looking forward to reading your posts this year.

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  5. What a fantastic theme! I love bridges, both the ‘object’ and the figure.
    Can’t wait for your April posts.

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    1. Hi thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to reading your posts on the women in the 1920s.


  6. What a brilliant meme! I love it. Well done you!

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  7. Biggles · · Reply

    Mummy used to live near that bridge, so I expect she’ll want me to report on what you’re doing.
    I’m Biggles from Georges Guinea Pig World, and we’ll be talking about our Favourite Things.
    I don’t think we have bridges, but we do love tunnels!
    Good luck with your A to Z.

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  8. joyweesemoll · · Reply

    I love this theme. I’m really looking forward to learning more about bridges in Britain. I think that I watched a documentary once….Oh. Here it is: http://www.joyweesemoll.com/2020/03/06/bridges-that-built-london-tvreview-brifri/

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  9. I love this theme, and I especially love celebrating the idea of bridges in these times. I look forward to seeing all the bridges you share with us!

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  10. An interesting theme which I look forward to following. My father grew up across the river from Ironbridge in Shropshire. I now live in the Scottish Borders – a region with lots of bridges over the River Tweed and its many tributaries. .

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    1. I think you can guess what my I is going to be. It couldn’t be anything else.


  11. Great theme! I love bridges – in my personal mythology you can make wishes on them since they are magical places in-between two worlds.
    I’m looking forward to reading about them.

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  12. Look forward to following along this month. I visited the Clifton bridge in 2019 – most impressive 🙂

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  13. I’m planning on reading your A2Z as it sounds interesting. FYI I am not participating this year so you won’t have to look for mine.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope all is well with you.

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      1. You’re welcome. Things are going well, just not enough time to devote to the series this year. The plan is to be back for 2023 though 🙂


  14. Anonymous · · Reply

    An interesting theme – I live in the Scottish Borders , noted for its rivers – and it’s many bridges which I have often featured on the local history blog I manage at https://auldearlston.blogspot.co.uk


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