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The Forum and amphitheatre

In 1994 the Norwich city library and archive burnt down. A great lost to the community. The building was replaced not just with a library, but an amphitheatre. Now it’s not huge, like Greek or Roman ones, and it’s main function is for amateur dramatics and musical events. It doesn’t have beautiful backdrop and probably […]

Edinburgh and the Empire

Moving up into Scotland for today’s post on British Theatres through the ages. The Edinburgh Festival Theatre represents what is the longest continuous site of a theatre in Edinburgh. Previously on the site there was a mixed bunch of venues: Dunedin Hall, Royal Amphitheatre, Alhambra Music Hall, Queen’s Theatre, Pablo Fanque’s Amphitheatre, Newsome’s Circus and […]

Duke and Dominion

Now we all know theatres are for plays and musicals, but not all theatres stick to one type of performance. In my first dip into London’s West End, the home of theatres, I’ve picked two, The Duke of York’s and the Dominion.  The Duke of York was built in 1892 with four tiers (eventually reduced […]

Cromer and the End of the Pier show

Continuing my journey around the British Isles as I search out theatres, young and old. Piers are a feature of the British coastline, whether for commercial purposes or entertainment. There are famous ones at Blackpool and Brighton. Please spare a thought though for the performers of Cromer Pavilion Theatre. They can’t drive up to the […]

Brutal Barbican

In the City of London there is an estate, liked and loathed (voted in 2003 London’s ugliest building), and home to residential housing, a museum, schools, concert hall and a theatre. The area it occupies was devastated by WW2 bombings.  Known as the Barbican complex, it is an example of Brutalism – or Brutal Architecture. […]

Acts and Angles

My first post of the A to Z Blogging Challenge – the letter A and the theme for this year? British Theatres through the ages. How to begin? There are plenty of theatres in London, and I will be touching on several, but today I’m starting out in a small provincial town, one that is […]

A-Z theme reveal… open the curtains

My sixth year of the A to Z Blogging Challenge and I’m continuing the history theme. This time not stately homes of the wealthy, the enduring gardens of Britain, nor the Medieval structures of cathedrals and castles, this time I’m going for building associated with entertainment. Draw back the safety curtains, turn up the lights…. […]

Zoological Gardens – flora and fauna side by side

Today is the last day of the A to Z challenge and the final instalment of my series on the history of gardens. I’m starting this post by looking at menageries. Now hang on as I guide you to the reason why it’s my Z post. ‘Menagerie’ was used in 17th century France to refer […]

Yew trees and the Sermon on the Mount

In St Cynog churchyard in Wales there is an old yew tree. It’s reckoned to be 5000 years old. Yews feature greatly in gardens and their longetivy is well known. But they are especially found in churchyards amongst the flowers, keeping the company of graves. Why? The yew is a coniferous tree from the family […]

Xylobium and the orchid house

For anyone who’s done the A to Z Challenge before will know that X requires considerable thought and creativity. Thankfully, the world of botany provides some useful Xs.  Today I introduce Xylobium, a genus of the orchidaceae family. There are 35 species and it is native to the tropical Americas. Here’s a picture. Orchideceae, or […]


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