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Gloucester Cathedral – The stained glass church. #atozchallenge

The stained glass in the windows of a cathedral isn’t there to let in the light, it’s there to ensure nobody inside can see the outside world and the light coming in is controlled. The most impressive cathedral for stained glass, for me, is Gloucester cathedral. The current cathedral was begun in 1089 and built […]

Ely’s lantern. #atozchallenge

Continuing my blogging theme of Abbeys and cathedrals… When visiting a cathedral, it’s important to look up. Quite often a cathedral will have mirrors on trolleys you can use to save craning your neck. Why? Because the roofs are amazing and my favourite looking up place is Ely. Ely is a city in East Anglia […]

Durham Cathedral and St. Cuthbert. #atozchallenge

Continuing my blogging theme of Abbeys and Cathedrals… Cuthbert was monk and spent some of his life at Lindisfarne in the kingdom of Northumbria (NE England) and is considered the saint of that region. Although, he was probably Scottish, not English.  He became the bishop of Lindisfarne in 685AD, but gave it up to live […]

Cathedrals: the old, Canterbury, to the new, Coventry. #atozchallenge

There is a blurring of the lines between the great churches of abbeys and cathedrals. To me, as a visitor, they both offer the same experience and seem so akin as to be indistinguishable. However, it’s obviously more complicated than that. The word Cathedra is derived from the Latin word for chair. It is presence […]

A-Z Blogging Challenge – Theme day!

This will be my third year of doing the A-Z blogging challenge. One letter of the alphabet per day, excluding three Sundays, and each letter will be about…… Abbeys and Cathedrals of the UK Since I managed with castles last year, I thought I would take my other great architectural love and expand on it. […]

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